Developing beta-glucans to fight cancer

Placebo-controlled clinical trial in cancer

GlycaNova is currently conducting a pioneering, placebo-controlled clinical trial in which late-stage colorectal cancer patients are receiving GlycaNova’s LentinexHP in addition to chemotherapy.

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Clinical trial update

Placebo-controlled trial of LentinexHP in colorectal cancer approaches the halfway stage.

Latest news from the clinical trial

First patient dosed in clinical trial of LentinexHP in late-stage colorectal cancer

Norwegian biotechnology

GlycaNova is an innovative Norwegian biotechnology company focused on the modulation of the immune system using proprietary 1,3 beta-glucans derived from medicinal mushrooms.

GlycaNova’s beta-glucans are scientifically proven to be significantly more bioavailable and bioactive than other beta-glucans owing to GlycaNova’s unique manufacturing process which preserves the beta-glucans’ triple helix three-dimensional structure, thereby optimising absorption and biological activity.

In addition to the current clinical trial in cancer, GlycaNova has developed clinically proven consumer healthcare products for immune system support and problematic skin conditions and also focuses on animal health.

Our commercially available products

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Immune enhancing dietary supplement.

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Ganodex™ Skin Cream


Immune modifying cream for problem skin.

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Immune enhancing dietary ingredient.

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An animal feed additive.

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