From medicinal fungi. The only beta glucans free of chemical processing.
Safe, natural, soluble, scientifically and clinically proven.


Strengthening of your immune system

By its strengthening of your immune system Lentinex will help you withstand viral infections. We have documented proof of this but better than that, you can easily prove its efficacy to yourself.

The Scientific data I do have for my Lentinex, which is an extract from Shiitake mushrooms, clearly shows that it does modify the immune system. We have documented evidence of many improvements to quality of life with Lentinex reducing tiredness, lifting energy, improving sleep, winning fights against colds and flu, is safe to use by cancer patients, and has been shown to extend life expectancy for cancer patients. We also have documented evidence that Lentinex specifically increases tolerance to chemo treatments and reduces solid tumours.

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There are many, many products claiming to help the immune system. Tonic Wines have of course been around for a very long time. Few if any work. But shiitake mushrooms have been known to help for 3000 years. Lentinex is the essence of Shiitake.

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Try Lentinex

Try Lentinex for three months at a special introductory price of £30 for three small bottles. The price of one bottle of good wine in Norway! Take a drop or two every morning on your tongue or in your yogurt or cereal. Then just see if you get a cold or not. See if it helps you with other infections too. Then, decide for yourself if you want to continue.

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