About us

GlycaNova develops, manufactures and markets nutraceuticals, a skin cream and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Basidiomycetes using patented fermentation and separation technology.

Medicinal mushrooms have been used to treat a wide range of diseases in traditional Eastern medicine. By combining traditional natural medicine with modern, scientific production standards, GlycaNova offers safe, effective and natural health products in the form of dietary supplements and functional food ingredients. Glycanova’s first pharmaceutical product is targeted for the treatment of patients with cancer and other secondary immune deficiency syndromes. An IND (Investigational New Drug Application) has been granted in the United States and clinical studies are in progress.

GlycaNova’s novel technology can be used to produce pure bioactive ingredients found in a variety of fungal species. The process is based on decades of academic research on fungi (mycology). Our process and products are protected through five patent families.

Presently, GlycaNova offers:

  • Lentinex® (or LentinanXP®) and Immuna® : Two immune enhancing/modifying ingredients to the functional food and dietary supplement  industries
  • LentiGuard® : An animal feed additive
  • Ganodex™ : A cream for problem skins.

Research indicates that these products can restore the immune system, reduce the risk of developing specific diseases and enhance health-related conditions. The products are 100% natural with a guaranteed amount of bioactive material in the final product.

Our pharmaceutical products are based on immunologically active substances. A successful clinical trial with our drug candidate MM-10-001 was run in 2009 with terminally ill cancer patients.



GlycaNova is a leading supplier of safe, patented, bioactive beta glucan based natural ingredients to the food, feed and pharmaceutical industries.


Company Strength

Production of safe, natural, soluble scientifically and clinically proven beta glucan products.  Documented immune stimulating/modifying effects in fish, animals and humans.

The important way ahead for [mushroom-based] nutrition dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals could be the use of pure culture mycelial cultivation in liquid or solid substrate fermenters (…) to produce reliable, consistent and safe products.

Cancer Research UK, 2002