Advisory board

Professor John E. Smith
John is emeritus professor of applied microbiology at the University of Strathclyde. John is one of the world’s experts in medicinal mushrooms and has been given credit for the emergence of interest in the topic over the past ten years.

Dr. Diana Morgan
Diana has a PhD in Biochemistry from Strathclyde University and has extensive commercial expertise in biopharmaceutical industry. She has worked with biotech companies across the globe, in particular, Europe, North America and Asia. Dr Morgan has held senior management positions at local and global levels, having taking part in developing start-up businesses into front line companies.

Dr. Ron Amen, Executive Vice President (Sales and Marketing USA)
Ron received his doctoral degree in Nutritional Physiology and his Master of Science degree in Food Science from Rutgers University. He did graduate work in business administration at Santa Clara University. Ron has overall responsibility for GlycaNova Norway’s operations in USA. He has over twenty-five years of management and consulting experience in the food, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries. For the past twenty years he worked as a Principal in ABIC International Consultants, and as President of Techenterprises, LLC