The Management Group

Dr. Bjørn Kristiansen, CEO
Bjørn has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Manchester. He is a former Professor of Bioprocess Technology in Scotland, and Director of Research at Borregaard Industries in Norway. Bjørn has substantial insight into fermentation technology and downstream processing and is author of more than 100 scientific papers, books and patents.

Jonathan Aldwinckle, CFO
Jon has a Double First-Class Master of Engineering degree from Oxford University, and holds the AMCT qualification from the Association of Corporate Treasurers.  Jon previously had 20 years’ experience working in the London corporate finance markets, advising and helping investors and management teams to develop and grow businesses from pre-revenue start-ups, growth-capital fund-raisings through to multi-billion financings and exits.

Jan Robert Danielsen, Chairman of the Board
Jan Robert is a chartered engineer from the Norwegian University of Science and technology. He has a background as CEO in different industrial companies and runs his own consulting company in the field of management and executive board issues. He sits on the board, either as a member or as the chairman, of a series of board in Norway focusing on business development, recruitment and SME developments

Dr. Ajay K. Agrawal, Board member
Ajay conducted his post-doctoral research in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta, Canada and Molecular Cell Pathology, Royal Free Hospital Medical School, London. He was a founder of polyMASC Pharmaceuticals plc, the first UK biotech company from a university that was directly listed on LSE. He is currently in the board of directors of Immupharma plc, Clinova Ltd, Ecron Acunova, Ignite capital Partners, SR Institute and a special advisor on healthcare for the Commonwealth Business Council. Dr Agrawal currently sits on the editorial advisory board of six international pharmaceutical journals from the USA.

Hans Troye, Board member
Hans Troye has a master degree in Chemical engineering and a MBA from ETH in Zürich. He spent most of his professional life abroad working with the Dow Chemical Company, managing six different businesses in Europe and globally. He started his own company in 1999 as a consultant within bio-marine ingredients, household waste management, molecule screening tools and bio-compounds. He has also been teaching international business at the European University in Zug, Switzerland.

Anne Torill Hovland, Head of Process Development
Anne Torill has more than 25 years’ experience at Østfold University College in the education of bachelor students in microbiology and biotechnology. Hovland has been with GlycaNova Norway since the beginning and has been involved in developing the technology for production of immune stimulants from medicinal mushrooms.