Medicinal fungi represent a major source of nutraceuticals and natural health care products, until now largely untapped by Western countries. Various cancers, liver diseases, diabetes, allergies, AIDS, skin diseases, elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, chronic bronchitis, phlebitis and thrombosis have all been areas of therapeutic applications of products from the medicinal fungi.


Published medical evidence has shown that compounds from medicinal fungi significantly stimulate the immune system. There is research ongoing worldwide regarding, for example, β-glucan’s efficacy in cancer therapy and combating infectious diseases.

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Beta glucan dosage

There are different beta glucans on the market with yeast, oats and medicinal fungi being the most common sources. Many have attempted to compare the different products, using a series of different tests aimed at demonstrating immune stimulation/modification.

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Moisturising cream for sufferers psoriasis and eczema

Ganodex™ is a novel skin cream produced in Norway. It is based on a natural active ingredient – a triple helix beta glucan which is extremely effective against scaly, itchy and irritated skin.

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