Clinical trial in cancer

A placebo-controlled clinical study in colorectal cancer.

GlycaNova is currently conducting a clinical study of a proprietary, experimental beta-glucan preparation, LentinexHP, in 36 patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. The primary objective of the study is to evaluate the effect of LentinexHP on the quality of life of stage IV metastatic colorectal cancer patients who receive LentinexHP as a dietary supplement alongside chemotherapy.

The secondary objectives of the study include evaluating overall survival after 1 year of LentinexHP supplementation. Other objectives include an assessment of safety and tolerability.

The active ingredient in LentinexHP is a beta-glucan derived from the shiitake mushroom which, owing to GlycaNova’s novel manufacturing process, retains its high molecular weight and triple helix structure.  It is believed that LentinexHP activates immune responses in the host to produce an anti-tumour effect.

The clinical study, which is taking place in Bulgaria, is of a randomised, parallel group, placebo-controlled design. All patients will be on first or second line chemotherapy.

Clinical trial updates

Clinical trial update

Placebo-controlled trial of LentinexHP in colorectal cancer approaches the halfway stage.

Latest news from the clinical trial

First patient dosed in clinical trial of LentinexHP in late-stage colorectal cancer