Testimonials: Ganodex skin cream

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Rating 12/2017


We often get feedback from users of Ganodex. These come without any prompting from GlycaNova but include permission to publicise the information. Some are published here

Before testing Ganodex™, I have never seen a topical OTC product for psoriasis produce consistent improvement month on month let alone clearance of psoriasis.
Dr. David Harris, FRCS, London Clinic of Dermatology

From UK – male 59 years old:
This is among the best psoriasis creams I have tested over the last 25 years. I have suffered from psoriasis for 42 years. After one month’s treatment with Ganodex™ I experienced less itching and smoother skin, with reduced scale formation. During the third month the skin felt completely normal.

From UK – female 34 years old:
I have had psoriasis for 5 years. After one month the scaling was significantly reduced. Ganodex worked better than any of the creams I normally used. I will definitely buy this product.

From UK – male, 48 years old:
I have suffered from psoriasis for 8 years. After one month I experienced an improvement of about 20%, after two months the itching on the elbows has stopped. The elbow feels fantastic. After three months I wanted to switch completely from cortisone creams with the Ganodex cream. This is the only cream I have tried with the same effects as cortisone creams.

From UK – female, 41 years old:
I have had had psoriasis for 15 years. After one month’s treatment the skin looked much better with less scaling. After two months the skin felt smooth and soft, just like normal skin and without any itching.

From Norway – female 62 years old:
After using Ganodex for psoriasis for only three days I started to notice the improvement. None of the prescription creams I have used has had a similar effect. I have very sensitive skin which often reacts to most creams. Ganodex has not given me any problems; on the contrary it has had a positive effect on my skin condition.

From Norway – male 32 years old:
I am badly affected by psoriasis and am dependent on light treatment combined with moisturising creams and other creams. Ganodex is one of the better creams I have tried. It is very easy to apply with a smooth consistency.

From Norway – female 5 years old:
I used Ganodex on my daughter when she suffered from a bout with very good effect. After repeated application of Ganodex over a short period the condition cleared completely.

From Norway – female 2 years old:
My daughter has suffered from atopic eczema from an early age. Repeated use of Ganodex has considerably improved her condition. She no longer uses any prescription products for her skin condition.

From Norway – male 70 years old:
I have had large outbreaks of psoriasis on both legs. Application of Ganodex over a 14 day period gave great improvements. After 4 weeks’ use of Ganodex the skin was free of psoriasis.