Testimonials: Lentinex as a dietary supplement

We often get feedback from users of Lentinex. These come without any prompting from GlycaNova but include permission to publicise the information. Some are reported here.

From Norway

For a long time I have been bothered by respiratory and throat infections several times a year, each time receiving treatment with penicillin.  My problem is due to a poor immune system that caused me to be afflicted with autoimmune diagnoses like fibromyalgia, hypermobile joints and polyneuropathy.  On top of this, I have diabetes type 2.  I began using Lentinex in 2011 and since then I have only needed 2 penicillin cures, both as a result of not taking Lentinex.

My life has changed since I started with Lentinex, and my quality of life has increased significantly. I recommend it to anyone with similar health problems.

From Norway

Many thanks for sending me Lentinex. It seems crazy but I feel so good and strong. The pains I used to live with have all but disappeared. Imagine how many fibromyalgia sufferers you can help!

From Spain

I became interested in Lentinex because both my older siblings have forms of cancer, none of which is immediately life threatening. I have suggested the product to them but don’t know if they are able to get it in Canada. However since our elderly Belgian Shepherd also developed inoperable cancer nearly a year ago, we decided to add Lentinex to her treatment package. We can’t claim any miracles, but together with the medicines she is taking the tumour has quite remarkably shrunken in size – while the veterinarian’s prognosis at the outset was for our friend to live six months to a year- that is again the best professional guess- i.e. another year or so. Additionally the animal has a high degree of energy, an excellent appetite and is again quite active. Very good indeed for a large dog, given that she is almost 14 years of age.

Beyond its use for humans, based on a limited trial at least, Lentinex would evidently be a useful addition to the veterinary medicine chest.

From Norway

I have used Lentinex regularly since 2007. My interest for the product arose from the fact that it was supposed to strengthen the immune system and be without any adverse effects. Before I started with Lentinex I had several round with colds and flu every year, some of which were rather serious. Since 2007 I have only suffered from a couple of mild flu/cold bouts over the whole period. This is the reason I continue to use Lentinex

From USA

My family and a few close friends have been taking Lentinex once a day for several years. We all have the same story, which is: we always had two to three colds each season, and sometimes had the flu even though we took the shots. As predicted, the incidence of colds increased after airplane rides. After taking Lentinex WE DON’T GET SICK. I haven’t had a cold or the flu in three or four years…the same can be said for all of us that have been taken Lentinex. This product works….at least it has for my friends and family.

From Norway

I can mention that I when I started taking Lentinex my immune defence readings went up. Two weeks ago I went away for a weekend and had forgotten to bring Lentinex with me. The measurements on the following Monday showed very low immune readings, but by Thursday they were up again.

From Norway

I am 73 years old and have had very good health all my life. However twice a year in spring and autumn I get severe throat infections. These are extremely painful, often causing me to spend four or five days in bed.

Almost 2 1/2 years ago I heard about Lentinex. I began to take half a teaspoon once a day. Since then I’ve had neither the usual throat infections nor been sick in other ways. Not one day in bed despite flu epidemics in the community or cold and miserable weather.

I’ve always been in very good spirits, but almost exactly one week after I started with Lentinex I felt my mood was EVEN BETTER already soon as I woke up. This sounds like excessive praise. And it is of course bragging, but not excessive. I recommend Lentinex to everyone I come in contact with when we get into the issue of health. More in my family have started using it, with equally good results.

When I started with Lentinex, my wife (62 now) suffered her annual bronchitis attacks, which often led to severe and prolonged pneumonia. For many years she has had to treat bronchitis with three antibiotic cures after each other to avoid developing pneumonia. She was in the middle of the first antibiotic cure when she started taking Lentinex. This allowed her to reduce the amount of antibiotics by 50%. In the following two years, she has managed with one antibiotic to repel airways’ infections and has experienced a much faster recovery.

Finally, I think that the fact that both my wife and I have taken ever Lentinex every single day without fail during the past 30 months speaks volumes about how pleased we are.

From the UK

I use Lentinex every day to stop cold sores……It works.

From the UAE

I have had cold sores periodically for years, but had none while I used Lentinex for 3 months.  Then I’ve cold sores again after I stopped taking Lentinex.  My gut instinct is that Lentinex has helped; so I’ve started taking it again.  It must be around the longest I have gone without a cold sore so I am pretty sure.