Lentinex® is a β-glucan containing product. Lentinex has proven immune-enhancing bioactivity.

Lentinex is naturally exported from the mycelium of the fungus Lentinula edodes in a proprietary fermentation process. This allows the product to remain in its natural, three-dimensional helical shape, which is responsible for its high level of efficacy.

The unique and patented production method leads to a very stable, active bio-ingredient. No preservatives are added and the product is free from pesticides, solvents, heavy metals or other animal feed toxicants. Due to the high efficacy of the ingredient, only a small daily dose of Lentinex® is necessary to initiate enhancement of the immune system.

Lentinex® is:

  • A natural product
  • GRAS approved, as determined by an Expert Panel
  • Granted Novel Food Approval
  • Highly immune-system enhancing
  • Patent protected
  • Produced under Food & DSHEA GMPs

The bio-active β-glucan in Lentinex is also called “Lentinan”. This has been shown in the literature to elicit positive immune system enhancement effects that are associated with improved ability to fight “infections”.

These include:

  • Activation of Natural Killer-Cells
  • Increased Interleukin-1α (IL-1α), IL-1β
  • Increased Interferon-γ (INF-γ)
  • Increased Lymphokine-Activated Killer cells
  • Suppression of prostaglandins
  • Increased T-cell differentiation and Suppressor T-cell activity

Product data sheet (PDF)